Wang Jun
Executive Chairman, China Fashion Forum, Vice-Secretary General, China National Garment Association (CNGA)
Chairman, Beijing SIGEN International Culture Development Co., Ltd

Mr. Wang has acted as organizer of the China Fashion Forum for 20 years. He is an expert at fashion events, conventions and forum projects. He also provides consultancy for brand management and corporate cultures. He is devoted to the systematic research on the growth and development of Chinese fashion brands and successfully implanted project management principles and technical systems at fashion projects and platforms. Mr. Wang advocates a unique talent development idea: “Entrepreneurship is a spirit nurtured among shop managers” and the idea is exercised in organizations. He is acutely sensitive to retail market trends and channels and particularly interested on the growing paths and brand values of Chinese fashion. Mr. Wang contributes to brand development and adds values to the fashion industry in China with his tireless work and creativity.