Yuhyun Park
Founder and Chair, infollutionZERO Ahn-Sei Foundation
Researcher, Nanyang Technological University

Dr. Yuhyun Park is the founder and chair of infollutionZERO (iZ), a non-profit foundation in South Korea and a researcher at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. iZ is focused on raising public awareness of infollution (information pollution) such as cyberbullying and technology addiction, providing digital education for children, and shaping public policy on children’s online safety and education. Its accomplishments include the internationally acclaimed iZ HERO movement, an innovative research-based digital citizenship education program. Currently, one of iZ’s top priorities is the cross-sector development of DQ (digital intelligence quotient) as a global educational framework to strengthen the digital skills and preparedness of children worldwide.

In recognition of her leadership contributions, Dr. Park has received prestigious fellowships and awards from the World Economic Forum, Eisenhower Fellows program, Ashoka Foundation, and UNESCO. She is also a member of the Steering Committee of the World Economic Forum’s project on Shaping the Future Implications of Digital Media for Society.