Sept 1 – 3, 2022
Integral, Guilin


Jia Fujun

Director of Guangdong Mental Health Center
Director of the Institute of Mental Health of Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital
Doctor of Medicine, Doctoral Supervisor
Leading Medical Talent in Guangdong Province

Since 1983, Dr Jia Fujin has been engaged in clinical, scientific research and teaching of mental health in Henan Psychiatric Hospital. Since 2004, he has worked in Guangdong Mental Health Center, mainly engaged in clinical research and community management of mental diseases, as well as the promotion of the construction of social psychological service system.

Academic position:
Member of Mental Health Expert Committee of the National Health Commission
Chief scientific communication expert of National Sleep and mental health science
Chairman of Mental Health Rehabilitation Professional Committee of China Rehabilitation Medical Association
Chairman of Sleep Medicine Professional Committee of Psychiatrist Branch of Chinese Medical Association
Vice Chairman of Mental Health Branch of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association
Chairman of Psychiatric Branch of Guangdong Medical Association
Chairman of Guangdong Mental Health Association
Member of the expert group of the Central Health Commission

Jia Fujun