Tommie Lo

Founder and CEO, Preface

Tommie is the Founder and CEO of Preface, a tech-enabling company that empowers enterprises and individuals worldwide to stay ahead in today's tech-driven world through the production of technology content and training.

Preface operates globally, with offices in Hong Kong, London, Singapore, and Tokyo. Their AI-powered training programmers provide fast and relevant content to help learners future-proof their businesses and careers.

Tommie has always aspired to be a disruptor of traditional education. Throughout the years, he has led Preface to re-engineer tech and coding education, and re-design the classroom experience through a decentralized learning model. He also demonstrated his bold approach in Preface Coffee & Wine, a unique space that promotes lifestyle learning and aims to become the go-to place for the latest tech knowledge and edutainment experiences.

Tommie's innovative and inspirational approach has touched the hearts of many, from aspiring kid coders and curious learners to digital-transforming enterprises and educational institutions.

Achievement & Background Highlights:
Global Panel, MIT Technology Review
Advisory Council, Harvard Business Review
UNESCO and TedX Talk Speaker
UCLA - Undergrad - Economics and Mathematics
LSE - PhD dropout in Economics