Wang Qiong

Senior Experimenter and the Team Leader of the Plant Dyeing Team, Institute of Botany, Jiangsu Province and Chinese Academy of Sciences

The team leader of the Plant Dyeing Team at the Jiangsu Province Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a senior experimenter. Wang is the Director of the China Fuping Persimmon Dye Research Center. She also serves as a part-time postgraduate tutor at Nanjing Forestry University, an industrial professor at Jinling Institute of Technology, and a member of a council of the Nanjing Science Writers Association.

Since 2016, Wang has been pioneering new directions in plant dye research. Addressing the current fragmented and weak state of plant dye industry research both domestically and internationally, she built a multidisciplinary research team combining industry, academia, and research. The team integrates plant resource studies, crop cultivation, breeding, plant chemistry, extraction processes, plant dyeing techniques, fashion design, and equipment development. They are committed to the industrialization of plant dye research and established China's first thematic plant dye research center, the “China Fuping Persimmon Dye Research Center”.

Wang was the co-planner of the First Plant Dye Art Field Festival in Guangze, China in July 2021, the initiator and chief planner of the Songkou Fujian (Min-Tai) Persimmon Dye Art Festival in August 2022, and the initiator and chief planner of the 2nd Plant Dye Art Field & Brand Conference in Dongli, Guilin, China in July 2023. She is also the initiator and chief planner of the China Fuping Persimmon Food & Dye Union Exhibition Show in October 2023.