Integral Conversation

integral conference

Integral Conversation provides thought leaders and experts from diverse fields an independent platform to exchange insights and perspectives on sustainable development models.

Discussion topics spanned culture, education, innovation, urban planning and architecture, health care, digital transformation, and how they are connected to the concept of sustainability. (Past Conferences, click here)

Integral Conversation is organized by the Integral Institute. The Integral Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to sustainability and environmental stewardship. It offers a variety of programs and courses, activities, and networks that empower like-minded individuals and organizations to develop necessary skills and knowledge, to create a more sustainable future.

About Integral

Aerial view of a green spaces and buildings


Set in the scenic landscape of Guilin, Integral is the new over 500,000 square meter Sustainable Development Garden that reflects Esquel’s belief in sustainable economic development.

It is a pioneering development model in the textile and apparel industry that combines modern technologies, quality employment, innovation and environmental sustainability, to showcase how manufacturing and nature can coexist in perfect harmony. ( Integral Website: click here )