November 15-17, 2018
Shangri-La Hotel, Guilin

2017Reimagining Health


Reimagining Health

2017 Integral Conversation focused on the global imperative of tackling environmental and human health challenges. Under the conference theme, Reimagining Health: Fostering the Health of the Planet and People, we discussed and discovered new approaches to sustainability.

2016Connectivity and Sustainability


Connectivity and Sustainability

Connectivity in Asia today goes well beyond trade and infrastructure. As the region becomes increasingly integrated and connected, many issues that matter us require a regional perspective and effort to tackle. The 2016 Integral Conversation aimed to facilitate discussions on sustainable development and to explore new ways to pursue economic growth while respecting people, communities and the planet. The focus was on Culture in Architecture, Healthcare, Education, and Innovation with the view of promoting sustainability on a local, regional and global level.

2015Sustainability and Living


Sustainability and Living

We care about a sustainable future so as to protect and promote our way of living. And hence the first question that must be raised is what do we care about in life? The Integral Conversation of 2015 centered around living, understanding the values that we care for, and the means that we have to protect them. We believe that the sustainable life must be one full of joy and abundance. Together, we will consider how to bring this future to fruition.

2014The Integral Philosophy


The Integral Philosophy

The Integral is about understanding the philosophy and realms of existence, and searching for a new development model. In order to achieve sustainability and harmony, one must balance different aspects including the environment, resources, the economy and the human factor. Through the concept of ‘Integral’, Esquel is creating a development model to harmonize all these aspects, enabling continuous improvement for the communities where it operates and beyond.